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Date: 25th May 2016
Pressure-operated Circulating Valve
Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China pressure-operated circulating valve manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality pressure-operated circulating valve products from us.?????RTTS safety joint is a security tool. When the packer is stuck, you can use RTTS joint help bring the safety joint pipe column above. And making this safety joint release first of all, exerting a pull to pipe column, snap a plough.However, the safety connectors cannot be loosened. It still needs pipe column up-and-down movement and maintain the torque, so the safety joint can be loosened.???? ?RTTS safety joint can twist in RTTS recirculation valve and can be used between RTTS cycling valve and RTTS packer. When the security joint screws at the top of a circulating valve, you can screw directly into the top of circulating valve. When screwed between the circulating valve and packer, removing the lower joint of safety connector and screw it on the upper joint of the safety connector. (5?,5 1/2?,7?tools needs such modification, 9 5/8?tool needn?t.) In this way, safety connector lower whorl can be directly connects with the Packer, circulating valve can also be directly connected to the top of safety connector. The mandrels in safety connector can not move and are all fixed by a plough to prevent safety joint prematurely release. When occurred an unexpected accident and needed to loose safety connector, you should pull a plough before the operation. After a plough has been pulled by pipe column, it keeps right to torque and operate the pipe column up and down meanwhile, and then you can completely disengage the safety connector. In addition to using? 9 5/8?tool, three other safety connectors specifications need to move two strokes up and down when loosing thread in a circle every time. However, 9 5/8 ? tool needs three strokes. 5?,5 1/2?,7?and? 9 5/8?RTTS? safety connector four tools are required to turn the 12 rings when releasing.Nominal?Tool?Size?in.OD?in.?(cm)ID?in.?(cm)ThreadConnectionsService?Temperature??(?C)Lengthin.?(cm)Tensile?Rating**?lb?(kg)Working?Pressure**?psi?(bar)Flow?Areain.2?(cm2)NumberOf?Ports33.06(7.77)1.00(2.54)2?3/8?EUE450(204)19.74(50.14)165,000?(74?844)15,000(1034)0.75(4.84)43?7/83.90(9.91)1.80(4.57)2?7/8?EUE450(204)23.52(59.74)220,000?(99?792)15,000(1034)1.23(7.94)455.03(12.78)2.25(5.72)3?7/8?CAS?31/2?IF450(204)22.18(56.34)391,000?(177?358)15,000(1034)1.55(10.00)4
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