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Date: 25th May 2016
Normal Clutch
Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China normal clutch manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality normal clutch products from us.Pneumatic clutch ???? As a kind of friction clutch that uses compressed air as manipulating power source, pneumatic-tyred clutch is widely used in such equipment as oil drilling rig and workover rig, and is also an important part of the drive systems of oil drilling rig and workover rig. The characteristics of pneumatic-tyred clutch are as follows: large transmitted torque, steady joint, easy to install, vibration absorption, compensation to an extent for the relative radial offset and relative angular offset of drive and driven shafts, small inertia of the driven parts, long service life, compact structure and good sealing. Furthermore, due to great resistance to deformation of pneumatic tyres, the service life of such tyres will be shortened when the operating temperature is over 60?C, and they tend to become fragile when the temperature is lower than -20?C. The joint element of a pneumatic clutch is mainly made up of friction disk and friction block and so on. Pneumatic-tyred clutch can be divided into common type and ventilation type in terms of structure.Technical parameters of air clutchestypeLT300/100LT500/125TLT600/125TLT700/135CBCLT800/135LT700/200LT1070/200rotata speed(r/min)max2332-26671642-18771352-15471198-14501099-13281009-11551315-1504rating1348-1542949-1085781-894687-881635-768583-668760-869torsional moment (N.m)max3080-403010455-1367014810-1936022350-3266028850-4216075050-9815033080-43270rating2025-26866790-91149875-1290814900-2177519230-2808050020-6544022060-28850weight(Kg)1144538511467290working pressure(Mpa)0.6?0.90.6?0.90.6?0.90.7?1.00.7?1.00.6?0.90.6?0.9pneumatic tube cubage (L) annulus dia (mm)?300?500?600?700?800?700?1065join linksize(mm)max dia.?450?720?820?900?1015?1400?1000max width115154154176176240240bolt number and dia.12-?13H1312-?17H1316-?17H1320-?17H1324-?17H1312+4-?27+25H412+4-?27+25H4bolt distributing dia.?430?690?790?870?975?1350?950air tilet pipe screw threadM20?1.5M20?1.5M20?1.5M20?1.5M20?1.5M33?1.5M33?1.5????
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