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Date: 25th May 2016
Non-sparking Explosion-proof Plug And Socket
Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China non-sparking explosion-proof plug and socket manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality non-sparking explosion-proof plug and socket, plug and socket products from us.???? Non-sparking explosion-proof plug & socket is certified for use in a Zone 2-IIc hazardous environment.Classified facilities such as petrochemical refineries,land and other systems.???? ATEX Certified---for zone 2-IIC hazardous environment.Certificate number 07 ATEX3202.???? CQST Certified--examined and tested for qualification by China National Quality Supervision and Test Center for Explosion????????? ???? Protected Electric Products (CQST) and obtained the explosion-proof certificate.???? Standard---IEC 60079-15:2001 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres Part 15:Type of protection n,MOD(GB 3836.8-2003).Main?Technical? FeaturesExplosion-proof?SignExnAIIT4?GcWorking?Voltage500V/750V?Working?Current15A~1000AContact1?PIN/?3?PIN/4?PIN/5?PIN/6?PIN/10?PIN/14?PIN/20?PIN/30?PINAmbient?Temperature-20oC~+60oCWithstanding?Voltage3000V(1Min)Protection?DegreeIP54Insulation?Resistance?1000M??Contact?resistance??1m?Life?Duration1000?timesBoth?pin?and?jack?could?be?inserted?in?plug?or?socketProduct DescriptionShell material: Die cast aluminum Connection type: CrimpWire Gauge: 0.5-400mm? Flammability: UL94-V0 Degree of pollution: 3(C) Overvoltage: III BenefitsRugged:All components have aluminum housingsMinimal heat build-upEnergy savingsLow maintenance costsPerfect function over 1000 mating operationsLonger product life??
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