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Date: 25th May 2016
Non Sparking Explosion-proof Of 20 Contacts Plug & Socket Electric Connector
Non Sparking Explosion-proof of 20 Contacts Plug & Socket Electric Connector:Non sparking of 20 contacts electric connectors are designed and produced in accordance with GB3836.8-2003 Standard of Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmosphere Part 8: Type of ?Protection n. Explosion-proof sign is ExnAIIT4.Type examination certificate number: CNEx07.2000x.The connector is suitable for petroleum exploration and borehole electric control.?Main Technical Features:Working Voltage: 400VWorking Current: 16AWithstanding Voltage: 2000V ACProtection Degree:IP54Aailable Contact Number:20 contactsTermination:CrimpLife Duration: 500 timesBoth pin and socket could be inserted in plug or receptacleBenefits:Rugged:All components have aluminum housingsEnergy savingsLow maintenance costsPerfect function over 500 mating operationsLonger product life. ? ??? ?? Website:
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