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Date: 25th May 2016
Hydraulic Circulating Valve
Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China hydraulic circulating valve manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality hydraulic circulating valve products from us.Function:???? The Ful-Flo Hydraulic Circulating Valve is a Ful-Flo tool. It can be run above or below the tester valve. When runs below, the tool serves as a bypass around the packer and helps relieve swabbing effect when sting out or down hole; When the tool is run above the tester valve, it can serve as a circulating valve to circulate out the formation fluid which is left in the pipe string after testing. Principle and features??? ?The Ful-Flo Hydraulic Circulating Valve is composed of delay section which includes the case and copper valve etc. And bypass section which includes the circulating case and the circulating sleeve etc. ???? The delay action of Ful-Flo Hydraulic Circulating Valve is operated by oil flowing through Metering Cartridge. When moves the top coupling down, the mandrel string follows and the valve also do. (Metering Cartridge divides the oil case into two parts) the hydraulic oil below the metering cartridge is compressed and flows to the upper oil chamber of the valve. Because of the resistance force coming from the metering cartridge delay action, the circulating ports closes slowly. (The rate of flow of the hydraulic oil depends the weight acted on it. The weight is more and the rate of flow is more, so the delay time is shorter). When you pick up the top coupling, the hydraulic oil upper the valve is compressed and moves down, the hydraulic oil flows down without resistance force and there is no delay time, the circulating ports opens soon.
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