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Date: 25th May 2016
F1300/1600/1600L Mud Pump
Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China f1300/1600/1600l mud pump manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality f1300/1600/1600l mud pump products from us.??????F series mud pump is applicable to the requirement of high pressure in oil field and high displacement technologh of well drilling with its solid and compacts structure,small vollume and outstanding operation performance.????? Fseries mud pump has long stroken maintaining operation at lower frequencyresulting in enhancing the performance of giving water effectively and prolonging the lifetime of the consumable hydrokinetic parts.Tha air -suction kit is advanced instructure and reliable at operation to reach the optimized absorbing target of air suction into linepipe.????? F series pump powering side adopts the combined lubrication of forced and flashing lubrication featured with reliable lubrication and adding the operation lifetime of powering part.Technical ?ParametersStrokes/MinuteLiner Size,mm Pressure Rating,MPa(psi)180170160150140130F-130018.7272021.0305023.7344027.0391531.0449534.55000F-1600/1600L23.6334525.9375029.2423533.2482035.1500034.55000Power Rating?Displacement L/S(GPM)F-1300F-1600/1600LkWHPkWHP*120*96913001193160046.54(737)41.51(658)36.77(583)32.32(512)28.15(446)24.27(385)11088911921094146742.66(676)38.05(603)33.71(534)29.62(469)25.81(409)22.25(352)1008081083994132338.78(614)34.59(548)30.64(485)26.93(427)23.46(372)20.23(320)90727975895120034.90(553)31.13(493)27.58(437)24.24(384)21.11(334)18.21(288)10.3878(6.147)0.3459(5.483)0.3064(4.857)0.2693(4.269)0.2346(3.719)0.2023(3.206
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