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Date: 25th May 2016
Drilling Rig Drawworks
Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China drilling rig drawworks manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality drilling rig drawworks, drawworks products from us.ModelJC 40JC 40DJC 40DBJC? 50JC 50DJC 50DBJC? 70JC 70DJC70 DBJC ?90DBNom. Depth m(ft)D114 mm2500-40003500-50004500-70006000- 9000D127 mm2000-32002800-45004000-60005000- 8000Rated power? kW (HP)735(1000)1100(1500)1470(2000)2210 (3000)Qty of motor * rated power kW(HP)2?438(537)/ 1?800(1072)2?6002?800 (1072)2?6002?800 (1072)2?10002?1200Rated speed of motor???? r/min880/970970970Max. fastline pull? kN275340485630Dia. of drilling line?? mm(in)32 (1 1/4)35 (1 3/8)38 (1 1/2)45 (1 3/4)Main drum size (D?L)?? mm(in)640?1235 (25 1/4?48 1/2)685?1245 (27?49) 770?1436??????? (30?56 1/2)980?1556 (36?38 1/2)Drum?hub size of band brake (D?W)? mm(in)1168?265 (46?10 1/2)1270?267 (50?10 1/2)1370?267 (54?10 1/2)Brake disc size of disc brake????????? (D?W) mm(in)1500?7(59?3)1600?76(63?3)1600?76 (63?3)2100?76 (82 5/8?3)Power of automatic driller motor KW(HP)45(60)45(60)45(60)2?45 (2?60)?
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