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Date: 25th May 2016
Drilling Rig Crown Block
Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China drilling rig crown block manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality drilling rig crown block, crown block products from us.Specifications????? The crown blocks conform to API Spec. 8A/4F and API monogram is permitted to be used.Design Features????? 1.The drilling line is reeved in parallel.????? 2.The crown frame is made of high strength steel shapes & plates. The lug plate for top drive is provided. It is equippedwith metal base plate, handrail, and toeboard. A ladder has an opening.????? 3.A deviation fast-line sheave.????? 4.The sheave cluster is tilted to counteract traveling block?s torque. The side plate assembly is faced with derrick manfor ease of picking off & suspending elevators.????? 5.The sheave grooves are intermediate frequency quenched so as to provide surface hardness and extend service life of sheaves.????? 6.All sheaves have double-row conical roller bearings and each bearing has individual lubricating channel.???? ?7.The rope guard prevents the wire rope from running out of the sheave grooves.??????8.Equipped with wooden bumper blocks and retainer net.????? 9.Equipped with a frame crane for use in repairing the sheaves cluster.???? 10.Equipped with sand line sheaves and auxiliary sheaves.???? 11.The sheaves and bearings are interchangeable with those of matching travelling block.???? 12.The crown blocks conform to API Spec. 8A/4F and API monogram is permitted to be used.SpecificationsModelTC135TC170TC225TC315TC450TC585Max. hook load kN135017002250315045005850O.D. of sheavesmm (in)915(36)1005(40)1120(44)1270(50)524(60)1524(60)Number of sheaves566778Dia. of wire linemm (in)29 (11/8)29 (11/8)32 (11/4)35 (13/8)38 (11/2)42 (15/8)Overall dimension (L?W?H)mm2500?2050?19202687?2150?20463200?3347?36403295?2776?25143068?2906?35763070?3000?3600Weightkg2400292053107400950010000?
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