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Date: 25th May 2016
Double Slip Connector
Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China double slip connector manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality double slip connector products from us.Introduction?????Double slip connector is a tool to quickly connect downhole tools to coiled tubing. Double slip connector is different from conventional connector, double slip lock rings make sure the tool lock to the coiled tubing, no need for buckle. Two slip rings can share the load and improve the reliability, two O-rings to seal tubing string.Feature??? ?Easy to install, and quick to connect.???? The slip lock ring applies redundant design, which improves the reliability???? Large load capability???? Double O-ring sealApplication???? Double slip connector suit for all coiled tubing downhole tools???? High torque load, can be connected to mud motor???? High strength connection application???? Remove one lock ring and use as single connectorCTSIZE?in?DRW.?NO.MAX.?OD?mm?MIN.?ID?mm?WORKING?PRESSURE?(psi)TENSILE?STRENGTH?(Ib)TORQUE(Ibf*ft)1.250L02?17510044.522.010000320007001.500L02?22510057.031.010000550009501.750L02?26010066.038.0100005200012002.000L02?27510070.044.5100005500017002.375L02?30910078.548.080007500022002.750L02?36010091.561.09000950002600
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