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Date: 25th May 2016
133-8-30 inch Casing Power Tong
The power tong is?a? wellhead tool for oil drilling apparatus,Website:, widely applied in making-up andbreaking-out in drilling well and repairing well on offshore and land,Tongs are safe ,reliable,and easy to handle with high mobility,?The tongs are designed and manufactured accordingto API Spec 7K Specification for Drilling Equipment.?1. Casing?Power?Tongs are widely used for making up or breaking out pipes or casings diametersof 4"~13 3/8" ,The tong heads are designed open type and can freely clamp and escape from thecasing. The tongs can be connected to computer controlling units and can serve as ideal wellmechanical tool for surface operations in oil fields.2. Drill Pipe Power Tong :The applicable pipe OD is 3 1/2"~8", 2 7/8"~5", 2 1/2"~3 1/2", and??the tong can take the long is a combination of spinning tong and torque tong instead of catheadmanual tong and spinning rope for making-up and breaking-out.?3.Tubing power tong is used for quick make-up /break-out in well service operations .The tong isequipped with hydraulic back up tong and use inner curved cam to clamp.
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